What Our Clients Say

I will recommend " Counterfeit Docky"  if anyone wants to new passports or other details. It’s process is very fast. they give me a new passport on the delivery address on the date I was told. It’s a great customer service.


 I just want to say a bigger thank you to all of you and to your Boss whom i explained everything to and he understood me and decided to help us all the way. You just saved 4 lives which you can not imagine. I promise to do my best to inform anybody in need of your services. Thanks a million times. 


When I was gone to the U.K. then I had lost my passport and some other documents in the U.K. and after that, I was very nervous. After that, I was thinking that how can I got my new passport and other documents and at that time I got the contact details of “True paper Docs".