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Buy counterfeit money, passports ID cards , driver licences, visas, other documents.

Buy real Passports, driver’s license, ID cards, visas, USA green card, fake money.

Obtain database registered passports, Driver's license, ID cards, green cards etc. 

Our company has years of experience producing passports and other identity documents. We use high quality equipment and materials to produce counterfeit passports. All secret features of real passports are carefully duplicated for our falsified documents. We are the best producer of quality documents. With over 3 million of our documents circulating over the world. We offer only original high-quality passports, driver's licenses,ID cards, stamps and other products for a number of countries like:USA, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italia, Finland, France,Germany, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa,Spain, United Kingdom. Dubai(the emirates) and many more.
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All our services are reliable, our customers can buy from us through our secure delivery network.


All our packages delivery is discreet and trackable. A tracking number will be given to track all shipments


All payments modes are discreet, safe and secure. Security of our customers is our prime motto.


We understand the importance of our customer needs and believe in fast and timely delivery of our shipments.

Why Should i Trust your service?

We are professionals in this and we have been doing this for years now with 100% success. Apart from the Testimonials our clients give, you can go through our website to see some few samples of documents and the sample video. We receive a minimum of 2-7 orders everyday from clients worldwide and they always recommend our services to others once they receive their documents. So be rest assured of our legitimacy.

Our Best Services

At Immigration Consultant, we produce real database registered documents which are legally use and passes all airport scans and data-check machines. Any time these real documents are being verified in the system,all the holder’s information will validly show up making the document real .







High Quality Counterfeits

With the fastest growth in all the industries, security and verification are on topmost trends. At Pro Paper Deals, We sell only best quality undetectable Counterfeits of all the currencies. We make the Counterfeits with expertise which is of same worth for your trust and money. If you can ever rely on us, you will only find the that our fake bank notes are top quality passing the pen and light test and can be used anywhere even banks. We assure you everything is safe and legit and unrecognisable.

100% Security Guaranteed

We keep your information confidential with usand only gives access of your information to our team of professionals when the process of getting the best documents done, goes on. We understand that it is not easy to get what we wish for, but if it can be done with best security and trust at the cost of minimal price, then there is no better place than us Aspiring for the best real and fake documents? To get what you need in your file at the best cost, tap on query to get in touch with us!

Available Currencies

We print and sell Grade A banknotes of over 150 currencies in the world. We do not sell counterfeit or fake currency but we offer you real money printed from original negatives from the world Bank.

SSD Solutions

We clean defaced currency. with SSD chemical solution and also supply SSD chemical solution that can clean all types of defaced banknotes, black banknotes, stained currency: dollars, pounds, euro etc.

Accepted Payments

All Payments are made either via Western Union, Moneygram and Bitcoins. We also accept US Amazon Gift card code. When we receive your order, we shall forward to you the address where you will make the payment.

Production Process

The principal printing process is known as intaglio printing. This process is used because of its ability to produce extremely fine detail that remains legible under repeated handling and is difficult to counterfeit.


Our clients obtained database registered passports, driver's license, ID cards, green cards etc.

Our company has years of experience producing passports and other identity documents. We use high quality equipment and materials to produce counterfeit passports.

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Obtain database registered passports, driver's license, ID cards, green cards etc. Our company has years of experience producing passports and other identity documents. We use high quality equipment and materials to produce counterfeit passports.

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When you have enough cash, you can conquer the world. This idea occurs to a vast majority of people all across the globe. Every item that surrounds you usually comes at a price. And if you want to get something, you have to spend something. Best Counterfeit And Docs is here to back you up in your endeavors, and suggests you buy counterfeit money of unmatched quality.

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If you’re searching for a one-stop bogus paper supplier, we’re your final destination. Here, you can get more than just genuine-like money. We list TOEFL and IELTS certificates, passports, and other state-issued documents for sale. You name it, we have it!

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  • • shifting colors
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